Studies have shown promising signs that CBD oil may help in reducing anxiety. The search goes on for the strongest cbd oil for anxiety and at the same time the most potent cbd oil.  Studies have shown some benefits on other forms of anxiety like social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety-induced insomnia.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t give you the feelings of intoxication or the “high” people associate with cannabis.

Here are a few facts about CBD oil for anxiety and whether you should consider it to be a treatment option.

Fact #1: How it works

CBD oil is assumed to work with a brain receptor called CB1 which are tiny proteins attached to your cells to receive chemical signals from stimuli and help your cells respond. Though this is relationship isn’t fully understood yet, it is thought that that it alters serotonin signals which plays an important role in your mental health. Having not enough serotonin can not only cause depression but also anxiety in some people.

Fact #2: Based on the National Institute on Drug Abuse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that CBD has shown reduce stress in animal studies. Study subjects have been observed as having less signs of anxiety. Symptoms like increased heart rate has also improved.

Fact #3: Based on the Journal of Psychopharmacology

In this study which was published in 2011, participants were given an dose of 400mg of CBD or a placebo. When the results came back, those who took the CBD does experienced reduced anxiety levels.

Fact #4: Based on a 2017 comprehensive review of CBD studies in psychiatric disorders

In this study, the results came back inconclusive. The researchers claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence to claim that CBD can treat depression. However, the researchers did note that there were positive results for anxiety disorders.

Fact #5 : Public Speaking Study
A study gave a dose of CBD to people with social anxiety and were told to give s speech. On previous studies done on animals, it showed that CBD relieves anxiety and reduces stress. It also lessens the physiological effects of anxiety like increased in heart rate. It also improves symptoms of post-traumatic sleep disorder or PTSD and induces sleep in many cases of insomnia.

Fact #6: Small Study back in 2010
Brain scans were done on participants with social anxiety disorder or SAD. The brain scans show that the participants’ blood flow to the regions of the brain linked to feeling of anxiety. This study made the participants feel better and also changed the way their brains responded to anxiety.

Fact #7: A 2015 Analysis
The researchers that conducted this analysis claimed that CBD oil is a promising treatment for numerous forms of anxiety which includes SAD, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. The data, however, is limited. While the research shows strong points to the role of cannabidiol in treating short-term, little has been researched about the long-term effects or used for as a prolonged treatment.