Forskolin is one of the most popular supplements on the market today. It is known as a therapeutic aid in Ayurvedic medicine. Forskolin is an extract obtained from Coleus forskohli, a plant that is native and popular in Asia. If you are curious about this popular supplement and want to know why everybody is taking it, here is a list of advantages that you can get:

Prevents weight gain
A randomized clinical trial showed that forskolin, when paired with a low-calorie diet, is useful when it comes to avoiding weight gain. The patients involved had lower weight, and their insulin resistance increased. An added benefit is that verified forskolin supplements did not have the side effects that are commonly associated with other weight loss supplements making it a more natural and safer alternative.

Diabetes treatment aid
Forskolin improves insulin response making it a useful aid when it comes to treating conditions that are commonly associated with diabetes. It is also a good inflammation suppressor and is found to help decrease blood sugar levels.

Stops the growth of cancer cells
Forskolin is now being eyed as a promising solution to cancer therapy. It activates protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) which blocks some cancers, especially leukemia. Restoration of PP2A activity and the blocking of cancer cell development eventually leads to the death of cancer cells. The growth blockage also enhances the effectivity of anti-cancer drugs and treatment.

Skin care
Forskolin extract is used in different treatments. It helps migrate skin cells to the area of the wound, which causes faster healing. It also repairs damage from ultraviolet rays and prevents skin cell death. Aging is also slowed down by forskolin since it can counteract the damage by eliminating the destructive types of oxygen from the skin.

Heart aid
Numerous researches have concluded that forskolin is good for the heart. It blocks movement of Ca2+ in the muscle cells which prevents contractions in the heart and blood vessels. Since the muscle is relaxed, there is a lesser chance of having a heart attack.